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Employment oriented vocational education is the need of the day and Office Management & Secretarial Practices is one of the cardinal courses, which lead to employment directly. It is a discipline course offered to B.A. Programme students and divided into three papers in three years.


Year I: Paper 1 - Business Communication (Theory)

Effective business communication is the lifeblood of every organization and also key to success in career. This paper intends to acquaint the students about communication theory and provide them ample exercise in communication through Business correspondence.

The students are expected to develop an understanding of the problems and principles of communicating in business. They are also expected to benefit by raising the level of their expression in writing letters. Ability to frame good, attractive and effective business letters is an essential preliminary to a business career.

Year II: Paper II - Office Management & Stenography

Office Management (Part I)

The main purpose of this course is to familiarize the students with the activities of office. Smooth functioning of any organization depends upon the way various activities are organized, the facilities provided to the staff working in the office, the working environment, tools and equipment used in office such as Photocopier, Scanner, Duplicating machine, Typewriter, Computer, Printer, Dictaphone and Fax etc.

It will make the student proficient in terms of managing general office activities like coordinating working environment. The student after getting fully acquainted with the latest office equipment will not face any problem in the open market.

Stenography (English) – Part II

The main purpose of this course is to orient the students to understand the need of writing rapidly and accurately in this speed age. In order to make them a good writer, it is necessary for them to master the fascinating art of good writing. Every work has to be disposed off in the quickest possible time. They will be taught the principles laid down by Sir Isaac Pitman and use their application in the daily routine work of office.

Soon after the completion of this course, the student will be able to write/scribble accurately and speedily. This art of writing, based on sound has been adopted throughout the world in the day-to-day working in organizations. Once the speed and accuracy achieved, the same could be retained provided there is a regular practice.

Year III: Paper III - Modern Office Management and Computer Application (Practical)

The main objective of teaching this course is to familiarize the students with the role and functions of a secretary and to develop skills for the same. There shall be intensive dictation sessions. All this shall be done in a digital environment. Working with office technology includes handling of Internet and E-mail and fax operations. Moreover, there are two software packages i.e Advance word processing (MS-Word) and Advanced Spread Sheet (MS-Excel). This is a practical paper consisting of 100 marks.

Students will know how to combine skills of typewriting shorthand and computers. It provides them an opportunity to equip themselves with the requirements of the day in the job market.

Job Opportunities:

A person having sound knowledge about the above mentioned subject can get jobs in the following fields/ can make use of this skill for self employment/ personal use:

  • Jobs in public sector
  • Jobs in Private sector
  • Self-employment
  • A useful skill for personal use

The students having done this course can get jobs as Lower Division Clerks. Junior Assistant-cum-typist, Upper Division Clerks, Stenographer Grade D/ Steno Typist/ Junior Stenographer, personal Assistants, Private Secretaries, The parliament reporters in Govt. Offices, Courts, Banks, Insurance companies, Lok Sabha, Rjya Sabha and Private/ Limited offices and even teaching in schools and colleges

Newspaper reporters can much more be benefited from the skills of stenography. They can write down their reports in shorthand on the spot of any incident or happening and later can translate on computers from the shorthand notes their report in fully.

It is not only helpful in getting jobs, but also helps in opening ones own commercial institutes and can also be used for the personal use by many sections of the society.

After passing the III year, the students are also issued a certificate in this regard for registration in employment exchanges, where they are not supposed to quality the test, for the category of Stenographer.


4-6 weeks Project/Training i.e. to be undertaken by the student in an organization/office/ Industrial environment.

Faculty Member

Mrs. Sushma Rani Khurana M.A.(Eng.), B.Ed., MCA, M.Phil (Comp. Science) & Diploma in English Stenography Instructor in English Stenography