Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bhagini Nivedita College and how to reach its campus?
The college is located in South West Delhi, at Kair near Mitraon off Najafgarh on Dhansa Road. Nearest Metro Station is Dwarka Mor. Bus Routes include 824, 942, 835, 836 College van plies from Mitraon at fixed schedule. For more information click here
To which University Bhaghini Nivedita College belongs?
Bhagini Nivedita College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi. Successful students are awarded degrees by the University of Delhi. It is funded and supported by the Government of Delhi.
What are the courses offered by the college?

BNC offers four year undergraduate courses of Delhi University with three exit points

  • » Diploma after two years of study
  • » Bachelor Degree after three years of study
  • » Bachelor Degree with Honours after four years of study

The following undergraduate Discipline I Courses are available at BNC. Click on the courses for syllabus

» Commerce » Hindi » History
» Home Science » Political Science » Physics

You may visit the Delhi University website for more details

What is the admission procedure for studying at BNC?

Bhagini Nivedita College admits only girl students. Girls seeking admission to the college must apply in the form prescribed by the University of Delhi between the dates announced by the University. Selected candidates must also pay the required fees within the stipulated time period to get the admission.

Please go through the 'Admission Requirements', & 'Admission Calendar' sections of the 'Admission' main menu on the home page for admission related details, which will be updated before the admission process starts at the beginning of each academic year.

What are the admission criteria?

Admission is based on merit and first cum first serve principle and in accordance with the policies of the University of Delhi.

Quotas and reservations are available for certain categories of students. Please go through the information provided under the 'Reservations & Relaxations' section of Admission Menu on the home page for details


What is the fee payable for different courses?

Total Fee as proposed for 2013-14

Name of Discipline I Course Total Fee (in Rupees)
Physics 5810
Commerce 4610
Hindi 4610
Home Science 5110
History 4610
Political Science 4610

* The University Examination Fee is to be filled along with the 2nd instalment of fees.
* Tuition fee & University Fees may be changed according to the rules of University.

Click here to view details of the fee structure
Does the college have hostel facilities?
The college does not have hostel facilities as of now.
What are the job opportunities?
Vacancies are advertised as and when they arise. You may watch the more links page in this website for information on such vacancies.
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