Internal Assessment & Evaluation

Internal assessment for Theory papers

As per Internal Assessment scheme (Ordinance VIII-E) of the University of Delhi 25 % of the maximum marks in each paper are assigned for following:

Marks for Attendance. 5%
Marks for written assignments, and project reports/ presentations/term papers/seminars. 10%
Mark for Home Examinations. 15%

Evaluation Scheme

The Division of successful candidates is decided on the combined results of part I, Part II and Part III Examination as follows:

First Division: 60% or above marks in the aggregate.
Second Division: 50% or more but less than 60% marks in aggregate.
Third Division: 36% or more but less than 50% marks in case of B.A. (Programme).
  40% to 50% in case of B.A. (Hons.)

Student failing at the end of the Ist or 3rd year Examination will not be readmitted.