Report of the visit of ADC students to the Crafts Museum

Students of the BA Programme Semester III & V, studying the Apparel Design and Construction Discipline Course visited Crafts Museum on October 8, 2013 in pursuance of the curriculum of the paper on Textile Design Techniques.

Group Photos of Students

The visit to the Crafts Museum aimed at enabling the students to develop an appreciation of the traditional textiles and textile crafts of India in general and particularly, traditional embroidery such as Chikankari, Kantha, Phulkari and embroidery from Gujarat and J&K, which are part of the syllabus. During the visit, the students were taken on a guided tour of the permanent exhibition of traditional textiles, which included an exquisite collection of embroidered textiles such as Kantha, Phulkari, Chikankari and from Gujarat, Kashmir, etc. Students also saw and admired the rich variety of sarees created by using traditional techniques like Bandhni, Ikat, Patola, Baluchari, etc.

Guided Tour and Film Show

In addition, they also had an in-depth view of Sozni Kantha embroidery by visiting a special exhibition organised by the museum on this theme. They also had the opportunity to see some of the traditional crafts persons at work and learn from the demonstration of Chikankari, Kantha, Phulkari embroidery work. Special film shows on Kantha and Chikankari were also arranged by the museum for the benefit of the students based on a special request sent to the museum in advance.

Title Winners at freshers' welcome party

25 students participated in the visit. Dr. Rani Shankar Mishra and Dr. Rachna Mohan chaperoned the visit. Mrs. Sumitra, Lab Assistant, ADC and Mr Pawan, Lab Attendant, ADC also accompanied. The visit was coordinated by Dr Rachna Mohan with the good offices of the Principal. Dr Rachna Mohan also visited the museum in advance for the purpose of planning the visit. The college bus service was utilised for the trip.