Report of the ADC Workshop on Block Printing

A full day Worksop on Block Printing was specially arranged for the Semester III students of the BA Programme studying the Apparel Design and Construction Discipline Course on October 10, 2013 at the Weavers Service Centre, Bharat Nagar, New Delhi. It was organised in pursuance of the curriculum of the paper on Textile Design Techniques.

The workshop aimed at strengthening the knowledge gained by the students on block printing during their class work with the help a practical orientation programme. During the workshop, the students not only saw practical demonstration of the actual processes of block printing but also had the opportunity to practice the techniques learnt under expert guidance.

Technique Demonstration

The procedural demonstrations and guided practical work covered both the preparatory steps and the final execution of block printing.The preparatory steps covered in the workshop included the following

  1. The process of preparing dye paste with binder
  2. The process of preparing the printing pad using jute, malmal and net fabric on a base layer of rexine
  3. The correct procedure for pinning the fabric on the printing table and doing the necessary markings on the fabric.

Design Guidance

The following specific steps were covered in the during the demonstration and practice of block printing procedures/techniques

  1. Printing borders, jaal and booti designs
  2. Multi colour block printing using 2-3 colour blocks and block matching
  3. Design development by creatively combining different block designs

Students Practicing

18 students participated in the visit. The visit was coordinated and chaperoned by Dr. Rachna Mohan with the good offices of the Principal. Ms Sumitra also accompanied. Dr Rachna Mohan also visited the Weavers Service Centre in advance for the purpose of planning the trip. The college bus service was utilised for the visit to the Weavers Service Centre.