Interviews for Ad-hoc /Guest Lecturers in Home Science, History and Sanskrit postponed to 15/1/2014

Candidates empanelled in the Ad-hoc Panels of Home Science, History and Sanskrit Departments of Delhi University are invited for personal interviews on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 in the college premises as per the schedule given in the attached notice. It will not be held on January 9, 2014 as previously notified

The posts for which interviews will be held are as follows

  • 1 Adhoc(UR) - Home Science (Food & Nutrition)
  • 1 Guest - Home Science (Resource Management & Design Application)
  • 1 Guest - Home Science (Development Communication & Extension)
  • 1 Guest - History
  • 1 Guest - Sanskrit

Candidates are required to bring their resume and relevant documents/certificates for the interview.

You may view/download the full   Interview Postponement Notice by clicking on this hyper link