Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers passed by the Executive Council on 6.3.2014

Ordinance XII of the Ordinances of the University of Delhi regarding College Appointed Teachers. (Page No. 364 of the University Calendar Vol. 1, 2004) has been amended by the Executive Council at its meeting held on March 6, 2014

This amendment involves the following two important changes:

  1. A detailed ‘Code of Professional Ethics’ for College Appointed Teachers has been inserted as Appendix-A to Ordinance XII
  2. A new Clause 1-B has been added

The content of the new Clause 1-B is as given below

  • The teacher shall comply with the Code of Professional Ethics (Appendix A to this Ordinance). Failure to comply with the said Code of Professional Ethics will also be construed as misconduct on the part of the teacher and he/she shall be liable to face action as deemed necessary by the Governing Body of the College.
  • Provided further, if the circumstances so warrant, the Vice Chancellor may direct the Governing Body of the College to initiate action against a teacher on the ground of misconduct, failing which the Vice-Chancellor may take such action as provided for in the Act, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University.

Please click on the this hyper link to view / download the   the full text of the amendments to Ordinance XII as well as the complete ‘Code of Professional Ethics’ for College Appointed Teachers