Rate Enquiry for the Supply of Sports Goods

Rates/quotations are invited from interested parties for the supply following sports goods

S.No. Item Description
1 Basketball (Cosco)
2 Taekwando Kit
3 Taekwando Dress
4 Fencing Weapon
5 Fencing Gloves
6 Fencing Mask
7 Body Wire(Fencing)
8 Ball Badminton Racket
9 Ball Badminton Ball
10 Ball Badminton Net

Quotations complete in all respects must be sent in sealed envelope addressed to 'The Principal, Bhagini Nivedita College (University of Delhi), Kair, Near Najafgarh, New Delhi-110043. The envelope must contain words "Rate inquiry for Sports Goods Supply" and should reach college latest by on 26th August 2014

You may view/download  the Rate Enquiry Notice by clicking on this hyper link