Workshop on 'Providing Psycho-Social Support for Students': Report

On the occasion of the Founder's Day, IQAC of the college organised a workshop on 'Providing Psycho-Social Support for Students' on Saturday, 23rd August, 2014 from 12.30 to 2 PM at the computer centre. The main objective of the workshop was to orientate the faculty members about the different dimensions of psycho-social counselling, which would be useful in the discharge of their student advising functions. Dr. Deepali Bedi, an experienced psychotherapist was the resource person for this workshop. Principal, Dr Purabi Saikia in her opening remarks emphasised the importance of student advising and called upon the faculty members to effectively meet the counselling needs of the students assigned to them.


Dr. Bedi started the workshop by emphasising the importance of 'Pranayama' for relaxing the body and mind and gave a demonstration of it for the benefit of the participants

During her presentation, Dr. Bedi touched upon three key dimensions of stress management. The first dimension she focused on is the importance of goal setting. She recommended that one should always adopt smart goals, which are Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. The second dimension, which she dealt with was the need for maintaining optimal level of arousal/involvement in our activities. Low levels of arousal will always lead to low performance.  While increasing levels of arousal will make one alert and perform better, more than optimal levels of arousal will increase anxiety levels and thus bring down performance. The third dimension, which she explained was the need to break down each goal in to smaller and manageable steps. For achieving success, one would also need the guidance of a mentor along with step wise reinforcement through regular practice


She also demonstrated a few other dimensions of psycho social support with the help of interactive exercises. In the first exercise, participants were asked to sketch their childhood dreams on paper and then connect these to their own current visualisation of their future. This brought out the importance of establishing a harmonious connectivity between our childhood dreams and our present visualisation of the future. She also used another interactive game to show how our minds are attuned to thinking in fixed ways and how we need to be more open minded and alert to be able to recognise the array of different options/solutions available for any given problem.


The workshop concluded with the presentation of a memento to the Dr Bedi as well as a vote of thanks by Dr Amrita Mehta, Secretary of the Staff Council of the college.

The worksop was organised by Dr Rachna Mohan, IQAC coordinator, with the active support of Ms. Snigdha and Ms. Poonam who are members of the Action Plan Implementation Quality Circle of IQAC - under the overall supervision of the Principal Dr. Saikia