AD MAD Contest of Commerce Society: Report

event-photos The Commerce Society of the College organised an 'AD MAD' contest on August 27, 2014 at 12.40 PM in Room No. 35. The contest involved impromptu creation of funny advertisements with attractive punch lines by groups of students.

Twelve groups of students participated in the event with three members in each group. This event provided a platform for the students to express their hidden talents. Students not only participated in the contest enthusiastically but also watched the performancees in large numbers and with keen interest

The following were the prize winners:-

  1. First Prize
    • Shrestha, Roll No.122081; Shakuntala, Roll No. 122098; Juli, Roll No. 122094.
  2. Second Prize
    • Sakshi, Roll No. 13108; Ria, Roll No. 131071; Drishti, Roll No. 131060.
  3. Third Prize
    • Priyanka, Roll No. 142060; Sakshi Singh, Roll No. 142081; Priya, Roll No. 122059

The event was coordinated by Dr. Rachna Mahalwala with the active support of Ms. Nupur Saxena and Mr Amit from the Department of Commerce