Entrepreneurship Potential Identification Quiz

event-photos The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of the College organised an on the spot survey to let the students assess for themselves their inherent potential for becoming entrepreneurs. The quiz was held in the Computer Centre of the college on September 21, 2014 from 12.40 to 1.30 PM. Over 80 students participated in the quiz with great enthusiasm

The Quiz included 40 different questions relating to the basic traits, which one would need to become a successful entrepreneur. The survey was based on the Canadian edition of the book 'Starting a Business 101'. The students were required to respond about the way that they were able to identify themselves with the particular trait mentioned in each question.

The following options were given to the students for identifying their entrepreneurship potential

  1. Yes! I am like that
  2. I am somewhat like that
  3. No. I am not like that
  4. A tough question. Difficult to answer

Each of the questions were read out and also briefly explained by Dr Rachna Mohan, Coordinator, EDC so that the participants were able to understand the question fully. Care was however, taken to ensure that the explanations did not enable the students to guess the answers. After the completion the survey, the students were asked score their answers based on the scoring criteria without telling them whether a high or low score indicated the right answer. In fact, as per the scoring criteria, the lower the score, the higher would be the entrepreneurship potential.

The final tabulation of the scores of all the 81 students revealed that there was an overwhelming majority of students among the participants with very high or high entrepreneurship potential. Only three students scored over 90 marks and fell in to the category of those with low entrepreneurship potential. More than half of the students scored less than 65 marks confirming their very high potential. In the end the logic behind the scoring schema was explained to the participants. The students were also given the hyper link to the book so that they are able read the full book and understand the significance the various traits assessed through the quiz

The organising team of the event included Ms. Seema Gupta, Ms. Snigdha Parmara , Mr. Himanshu Arora and Mr. Avanish Pratap all members of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Dr Rachna Mohan its coordinator.