Saree Draping Contest by Home Science Society

event-photos Home Science society organised a Saree Draping contest on October 1, 2014 in the Multipurpose Hall of the college. The main objective of the competition was to provide opportunities for the students to apply their creative thinking and innovation skills in developing and showcasing saree draping styles and techniques.

The contest was open to all the students of the college. The participants were required to make their own arrangements for models, saree, accessories, music, etc. They were given 45 minutes to drape saree. There were a number of participants who brought in other students as their models but, there were also other contestants who were their own models. There were in all 23 contestants. The contestants had to not only present their saree clad models but also explain the inspiration behind the concept and style and the speciality of the techniques used and highlight the innovative aspects.

The contest was judged by a panel of three judges. Assessment was made on the basis of creativity and innovation in the saree draping style and techniques together with the neatness of presentation and overall aesthetic appeal. The contest was watched by a large number of students, who cheered each and every contestant. There were also loud applauses for models with winning appeal. The audience also did not lose any opportunity to take photos of their favourite contestants and models.

The judges declared the following as the winners of contest

  1. First Prize
    • Kajal Gupta
  2. Second Prize
    • Priya Mishra
  3. Third Prize
    • Divya Chauhan and Sonam

The winners were awarded cash prizes

The contest was organised by Ms Seema, Asst. Prof. with guidance and supervision by Dr. Rachna Mohan, Assoc. Prof.  and  TIC, Home Science Department.