ADC Students fulfil their Swachh Bharat Pledge

event-photos Students of the Apparel Design & Construction courses of the college contributed a total of six  hours of volunteer work on 20th and 21st October, 2014 to spruce up both the Apparel Design & Construction labs of the college.

The tidying up work started with the identification of damaged equipment  and worn out furniture, which needed to be discarded. The lab was cleared of all useless equipment and materials. These were collected and carted away to a safe storage area for final disposal as per official procedure. Student volunteers also inspected every nook and corner where any kind of dust could remain hidden. All the furniture and storage almirahs were moved to give access to the floor spaces, which usually escape routine cleaning

All the windows and glass panels were cleaned with the application of liquid cleansers. All the furniture were meticulously dusted. The printing tables, and the computer systems were relocated to create more working space.

Faculty members as well as the lab staff of the ADC wing of the Home Science Department joined the students in sprucing up the lab

At the end of the cleaning work, the labs looked very well groomed