Community Engagement Workshop on Garment Construction

event-photos A four hour workshop on ‘Garment Construction’ was organized on October 31, 2014  in the Apparel Design & Construction lab of the college by the ADC students of the third year batch of B.A. Programme

The workshop had a twin win-win objective. It gave the students an opportunity to teach what they had learnt as part of the course and thus gain greater confidence about their knowledge and skills. At the same time, it also enabled them to be part of the community engagement initiatives of the college by making special efforts to invite women from the nearby Kair village to be among the participants along with other students. In this respect, this workshop was a step towards fulfilling the main vision of the college, which is women empwerment.

The workshop provided the ADC students hands on experience in conducting a workshop. The students had to not only prepare themselves for making the required presentations, demonstrations and guidance during the workshop but also do adequate publicity for the workshop in  Kair village and within the college as well.Ms. Seema and Dr. Rachna Mohan, who are both teachers of the ADC course were available to support the team of students, who organised this workshop.

The students visited Kair village to display the workshop posters and also talk to the potential participants. They also put up posters and notices at important places like the library, canteen and the main entry gate of the college. On the day of workshop, transportation by college van  was also arranged for the partipants from Kair village . As a result almost half of the available seats were taken by women participnts from Kair while the remaining seats were given students from other departments of the college such as Commerce, Hindi, Sanskrit and Science

The workshop focused on cutting and stitching garments such as Kurti and Salwar. The participants were given step by step demonstration by the ADC students allowing time for them to practice each step immediately after the demonstration. Participants brought their own fabric and tailoring instruments such as scissors, measuring tapes, matching sewing threads, etc.

Participants showed great interest in learning the basic techniques of making garments from fabrics. Overall it was a good experience for the participants since many of them were  learning the techniques of cutting and stitching fabrics for the first time. The success of the of the wotkshop was evident from the request received from the Kair women for organising more such workshops covering other types of garments also

Principal Dr. Purabi Saikia and the Coordinator of the Community Engagement & Outreach Cell of the College Dr Amrita Mehta also made a brief visit to the workshop to show their support and encouragement for the students and particularly the participants from Kair Village

The workshop was coordinated by Ms Seema, Asst. Prof. with guidance and supervision by Dr. Rachna Mohan, TIC, Home Science Department.