Nature Tour to Mussoorie, Sahastradhara and Rishikesh: Report

event-photos 76 Students of the College went on an exciting and enjoyable tour to experience the natural beauty of Mussoorie, which is also called the 'Queen of Hills'; the enchanting sulphur water springs of Sahastradhara, near Dehradoon and the mesmerising flow of the prestine waters of the river Ganges at Rishikesh. This trip was on for three days and two nights starting from 8.00 PM on December 12, 2014. The students travelled in three luxury buses and were accompanied by two faculty coordinators in each bus along with three senior members who chaperoned the entire group. Each bus also had one student coordinator.

DAY 1: Mussoorie

Students reached Mussoorie, the charming hill station, 34 KM. from Dehradoon in the early morning hours of December 12, 2014. It was cold and foggy but, the students felt rejuvenated by the fresh air filled with the fragrance of pine trees and the majestic serenity of the scenic beauty visible through the breaks in the enveloping fog. They walked along the historic Mall Road enjoying the glimpses of hill slopes covered by ever green pine trees interspersed with well laid gardens and meandering rows of shops, hotels and residences built on the slopes on either side of the road. They were particularly impressed by gorgeous looking modern bungalows built on hill tops surrounding the area. They then reached Hotel Deep on Mall Road, which was reserved for the group by the Student Union of the college. After freshening up at the hotel, students had their breakfast and were taken to Kempty Falls located about 15 KM from Mussoorie and which is also one of the biggest attraction for tourists. The students were captivated by the panoramic beauty of the Kempty Falls with water cascading down from an altitude of 4,500 feet and splitting further into five cascades. The students did not lose any opportunity to capture their moments of joy with their cameras and mobile phones. Some students also went on the cable car ride to the top of the hill along with some teachers. It was great new experience to have lunch in such heart-warming surroundings. On their return to the hotel, what awaited them was a DJ night filled with choicest dancing tunes. All got ready in double quick time to take dancing floor. It was a fun filled evening with the teachers announcing the different themes for the dance routines. The teachers also arranged an impromptu dancing competition between the students travelling by different buses. After the DJ night and dinner the students retired to their rooms for a good night of sleep and to get ready for another day of exciting nature tour.

DAY 2: Sahastradhara

The second day of the trip was to Sahastradhara, which literally means a “thousand fold spring”. The students strolled around the water dripping through the limestone stalactites, hopping from one small rock to another and occasionally stepping in to the water for a photo shoot. Students also enjoyed watching and feeding the langurs, which ate food from the hands of the tourists. After enjoying the tranquil environment of Sahastradhara with rich himalayan vegetation, the students proceeded towards Rishikesh where a totally different experience with nature was awaiting them. Arrangements had been made at Shivpuri for the students to camp right on the banks of the sacred river Ganges.

DAY 3: Rishikesh

It was all dark by the time the students arrived at the camping sites. On one side was the sacred river Ganga and on the other the tents for the students to spend the night. It was a whole new experience of living close to such resplendent nature with only the bonfire to light up the skies. It was a night of singing, dancing and playing games around the bonfire immersed with the feeling of nature's bliss all around, The students then had their dinner and retreated into their tents for being lulled in to sleep by the riveting lullaby of the river Ganges. The students woke up to a peaceful morning listening to the chirping of birds, the chanting sounds of the river Ganges and watching soothing natural ambiance. It was sports activities, which attracted everyone. Students and teachers played various games like badminton, volleyball, kabaddi, kho-kho,etc. Every one participated energetically and enthusiastically. After having the breakfast, the students were taken to Lakshman Jhoola and Ram Jhoola, after which the nature tour ended and the entire group of students and teachers started their journey back to Delhi.

It was a memorable experience for the students. They not enjoyed their short tryst with nature but also learnt a lot during this trip, to be together as a group, to work as a team and to be happier together as fellow students. It was a wonderful trip for the accompanying teachers also as they thoroughly enjoyed the company of so very well behaved group of students who never lost a chance to enjoy the pristine, resplendent and majestic nature during the trip. Such trips will surely give both students and teachers unforgettable experiences which they will cherish for long.