Seminar on Varied Dimensions of the Media

A seminar the varied dimensions of the media was organised by the Department of Hindi on March 31, 2015 in Room No. 35 at 11:00 AM.

Dr. Harish Naval (Associate Professor, Hindu College, Delhi University), was the chief guest. Mr. Nandlal (Program Coordinator, Community Radio, Delhi University), and Mr. Ashish Bundela, Zee TV were the panel members. The chief guest and the panel members were welcomed with flower bouquets. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Poonam Rathi, with assistance from other faculty members of the department.

Dr. Purabi Saikia, principal opened the seminar by welcoming all and thanking the chief guest and other speakers for accepting the invitation to speak at this seminar. In her view, media was like a fire and it was up to us to use it either for cooking the food or setting the house on fire. Therefore, consumers of the media also have a great responsibility in ensuring that it was used for positive and constructive purposes.

Dr. Harish Naval in his presidential address not only explained the impact that media had on the lives of people but also provided guidance to the students who wished to pursue careers in the media sector. According to him, the world has become not just a global village but a cosmopolitan city, thanks to the role played by the media. While the media informed people, awakened them, united them or helped people in their decision making, it also behaved in an absurd manner at times. It sensationalises issues and helps create virtual worlds full of glamour primarily for the purpose of gaining larger audiences. By combining the strengths of Hindi and the power of media it would be possible for the students to create and make use of numerous opportunities.

Mr. Nandlal not only explained, based on his own experiences, the distinguishing features of the radio as compared with the rest of the mass media but also drew attention to the fact that radio was dear to both Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi who were highly contrasting personalities. The power of the radio can be used for either pro-people or anti-people purposes. He also lauded the unforgettable contributions made by BBC, Radio Ceylon and South Asian Radio in the growth of the Hindi radio. Highlighting the growth in the community radio systems in the contemporary world, he also pointed out the differences between a modern community radio system and the popular commercial radio services. He also felt that community based radio system could be ideal for Bhagini Nivedita College also.

Mr. Ashish Singh Bundela, based on his experience of working with different television channels described the differences between what any one gets to see on the screens and what actually happens behind the screens in producing them. He also explained different processes associated with the production and broadcasting of television content. He also provided very valuable guidance for students interested in finding internship opportunities or job opportunities with the television channels.

During the interactions, which followed the students got their doubts clarified. Faculty members also received obtained information from the speakers, which would be useful for the faculty members in advising the students about the job opportunities available in the media sector.

In the post lunch session, prizes were distributed to students, who had participated in the various competitions organised by the Departmental Society during the year. Prizes were handed over to the winners of the following competitions by Dr. Harish Naval in the presence of Mr. Nandlal (Program Coordinator, Community Radio, Delhi University), and Mr. Ashish Bundela, Zee TV.

  • Poetry Writing Contest
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Poetry Recitation Competition
  • Literary Cap Verses Competition
  • Trivia Contest
  • Slogan Writing Competition
  • Drama Competition

The programme closed with a vote of thanks to the invited speakers by Dr. Suman Singh.