Awareness Drive on Food Adulteration by Chemistry Department

An awareness drive on “Food Adulteration” was carried out in Kair village on February 10, 2015 by the Chemistry Department of the college under its DU innovation project. Community Engagement & Outreach Cell of the college publicised the event with the help of the personal invitations and posters prepared by the department.

Gram Panchayat of Kair made available the space required for conducting the programme in the village itself. Many students including those involved in the innovation project enrolled as volunteers for this awareness drive and took part in the campaign enthusiastically. The avid participants from the village were mainly women, who showed keen interest understanding and making use of the information provided to them by the students.

This community engagement programme aimed at making participants understand the extent of food adulteration and the adverse effects it has on the health of people particularly, women and children. Students explained the various ways in which ordinary food items were being adulterated with the help of power-point presentations and videos.

The students also demonstrated simple tests which can be performed in the kitchen itself. The enthusiasm of the participants to learn and understand problem of food adulteration was evident from the number inquisitive questions asked by them. They also enquired about possibility of adulteration of food products, which were not included in the presentations.

The student volunteers also informed the participants about regulatory bodies set up by the governments and the procedures for lodging complaints.

The drive was very satisfying and successful with each and every participant promising to be more vigilant about food adulteration and thus help protect the health of every one in their families and the the society at large.