Entrepreneurship Orientation Programme on Setting up a Beauty Salon

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of the college invited Mrs. Sushma Khan, who is a Bollywood Celebrity Make-up Artist and National Trainer of Lakme to share her success story and provide an orientation to the students on the opportunities and challenges of ‘Setting up a Beauty Salon’.

This orientation programme was held on March 29, 2015 from 12:40 to 1:30 PM at the Computer Centre of the college. There were over 60 participants including students who had earlier participated in the Entrepreneurship Potential Assessment Quiz, Entrepreneurship Orientation Programmes on setting up Catering and Boutique Businesses.

Mrs. Khan started the presentation by narrating her early struggles and the hard work and dedication that was required to succeed in her profession. She emphasised the need for acquiring the requisite technical for succeeding in the beauty salon business. It was important for those wanting to enter the beauty salon business either as an entrepreneur or a professional to gain the technical knowledge by doing specialised certificate or degree courses from well established institutions.

In her presentation and interaction, Mrs. Khan explained in details the various business and professional opportunities available in beauty salon sector. One may choose to be employed by the celebrities to create their specialized looks or may work in a private practice that specializes in doing make-up for brides, speakers, presenters and other individuals. One can also work as a trainer or teacher in the institutes, schools or colleges which are providing and training to those seeking professional careers in this field. Another aspect which she discussed was the importance of gaining hand on training.

Participants showed great interest in the presentation and asked several questions. One of the students asked how she can practice at home. Mrs. Sushma suggested that she could try on her sister, mother, friends or neighbours and learn to improve based on the feedback received. Some students also showed interest in getting training under Mrs. Khan. She however, expressed her inability to provide such training because of her busy schedules

Overall, it was a very successful programme. The programme came to a close with Dr. Rachna Mohan, coordinator of EDC thanking Mrs. Khan for sparing her valuable time for interacting with BNC students.

The programme was organised by Dr. Rachna Mohan, Coordinator of EDC, with the active support of EDC members Ms Snigdha, Ms Seema Gupta, Mr Avanish and Mr Himanshu Arora.