Online Submission of Student Feedback is now open

Students are hereby informed that the facility for online submission of the Student Feedback on Courses and Teaching-Learning processes has been made operational.

For availing of this facility, students will need to either visit directly or by clicking on the 'Login' menu on the home page of the college website and then click on the 'STUDENT FEEDBACK FORM' link on the home page. Before visiting this web page, please obtain your Password from the System Administrator of the college, Mr. Sandeep Verma

As soon as you click on the 'STUDENT FEEDBACK FORM' link, a new login window will open. Use your Roll Number as the User ID and enter the password provided to you by the System Administrator. After reaching the feedback survey page, first read the instructions carefully and then proceed to fill the forms.

You may use the online submission facility by connecting to the Internet in the Computer Centre of the College or by making use of the laptops issued to you. You may also fill these forms from home or any other place from where you are able to connect to the Internet. Technical guidance will be provided by the System Administrator for the students who fill these forms in the computer centre

All students are required to submit a separate Course Feedback form for each of the papers studied during the current semester. This is included in Part A. Similarly every student must also fill a separate Teaching-Learning feedback for each of the papers studied during the current semester included in Part B with respect each teacher who taught those papers

All Year III students will be required to fill an additional final evaluation form as well

In order to save time in filling the forms, you may first familiarise yourself with the survey questions included in these forms. You may view/download the Student Feedback form on Courses by clicking on this link . You may view/download the Final Evaluation form applicable for Year III students by clicking on this link

In case of any problems faced in filling and submitting these forms online, please use the Feedback Form provided in the college website for submitting the details of your problems