Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competition on Consumer Protection

event-photos Home Science society organised a Poster making and Slogan writing competition on ‘Consumer Rights and Protection’ on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 12:45 PM in Room No. 6 & 7. The main objective of the competition was to provide opportunities for the students to apply their creative thinking and innovation skills in poster making and slogan writing on the socially relevant theme of consumer protection.

The contest was open to all the students of the college and compulsory for the ADC students of III year as a part of their project work. A3 size papers were provided by the College and the students brought their own colouring material. The participants were given 30 minutes to complete the task. About 30 students participated in the competition.

The contest was judged by a panel of three judges. Assessment of the posters was made on the basis of creativity, presentation, relevance to the theme and slogan writing. Awarded posters were displayed on the notice board of the Home Science Society.

The judges declared the following students as the winners of contest

Prize Winners

  1. First Prize
    • Aishwarya
  2. Second Prize
    • Shahmeen
  3. Third Prize
    • Pooja Gupta
    • Geetika
  4. Special Prize (Slogan writing)
    • Bhawna Sharma

The winners were awarded cash prizes.

The contest was organised by Dr. Rachna Mohan, Assoc. Prof. and TIC, Home Science Department.