Entrepreneurship Development Cell: Orientation Programme


Entrepreneurship Orientation Programme on Boutique Business


The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of the college invited Ms. Navneet Khera, who has set up a boutique in Vikas Puri to share her success story and provide an orientation to the students on the opportunities and challenges of 'Setting up a Successful Boutique Business’.

This orientation programme was held on March 25, 2015 from 12:40 to 1:30 PM at the Computer Centre of the college. There were over 60 participants. Ms. Khera was accompanied by her husband Mr. Dinesh Khera, son Mr. Daksh Khera and some workers, who are all part of her boutique business.

In her presentation and interactions, Ms. Khera was very candid in explaining the steps required to be taken for setting up the business as well as the important principles to be adopted in running the business. According to her, one of the most important factors governing this type of business is location; customers should be able to easily access the shop and feel comfortable spending time for looking through the collections and trying out the garments. The fashion and beauty market is dynamic and highly competitive. Fashion and beauty are constantly being redefined and one must stay updated on the latest trends to provide the customers with what they want consistently. This type of business also required the adoption of strategies that will help draw customers to the shop. Hiring professional attendants and ensuring that customers always receive prompt assistance is another way to create a reputation for excellence and earn customer loyalty.

Ms Khera also explained how the boutique business can be started on a small scale from home and then gradually expanded. To start with, one must have a sewing machine, a master, tailors and other essential material required for stitching. She also pointed out that running a boutique is a demanding work, requiring stamina, ability to work under pressure, and excellent interpersonal skills. Success will greatly depend on the reputation. To build a good reputation in the business, one should be willing to work hard and possess the ability to work under pressure. This kind of entrepreneurial business is definitely growing and becoming more popular with people of all income levels.

Participants showed great interest in the presentation and asked several questions. In the end, Ms. Khera also offered to provide opportunities for the students to work as interns and gain practical knowledge and experience of doing the boutique business. A number of students showed interest for availing of the internship training. An exhibition and of garments from Ms. Khera's boutique was also arranged on this occasion

The programme was organised by Dr. Rachna Mohan, Coordinator of EDC, with the active support of EDC members Ms Snigdha, Ms. Seema Gupta, Mr. Avanish and Mr. Himanshu Arora.