NAAC Peer Team Visit and Accreditation Received

Report of the NAAC Peer Team Visit


The NAAC Peer team visited Bhagini Nivedita College between 10-12 August 2015. The team comprised three members; the chairperson Prof S. P. Singh, ex-Vice Chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar; Member Co-ordinator Prof Rajani Jairam, Dean of Student Welfare,Jain University, Bangalore; and Dr C Massar, Principal, Lady Keane College, Shillong. The team looked into all aspects of the functioning of the college and validated the SSR report prepared by the college and submitted to NAAC earlier in February.

The experience of interacting with the team of eminent academicians was enriching and a major learning exercise. They assessed the activities of the college and gave valuable suggestions for future accreditation cycles. A brief report was read out to all stakeholders of the institution at the Exit Meeting held on 12 August 2015.

The grade of the college was released in the NAAC meeting held on 14 September 2015. The college has been accredited with ‘B’ grade.


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