Student Welfare Committee: Windows 10 Orientation Programe


Orientation Programme on Windows 10*


Student Welfare Committee and its Placement Cell organised an orientation programme on Windows* Operating System on September 23, 2015 in the computer center. The event was attended by around 70 students of different courses.

The programme imparted basic knowledge of using the the Windows* operating systems along with a comparative understanding of the different features of the recent versions of Windows* such as 7, 8 & 10. The common features among these different versions were discussed so as to explain how Windows 10* is in many ways a hybrid version combining the strengths of Windows 7* & 8*

The students also learnt how Windows 10* is better than Windows 7* and the specific advantages of using Windows 10* such as the applications, which will work across different devices including mobile phones. Specific orientation was also given to the students on the use of the in built applications such as maps, mails, photos, etc.

The active participation of the students made it a highly successful event. The students asked several questions which were well answered by the Seminar Presenter Mr. Kuldeep (member of Gtechlocal group).

* Registered Trademarks of Microsoft