Report on the Seminar on 'Green Laundry Practices'


Seminar on Green Laundry PracticesA seminar on ‘Green Laundry Practices’ was conducted by Mrs. Nidhi Gupta, Ph.D Research scholar (Department of Fabric and Apparel Science, Lady Irwin College), on March 26, 2018 for the students and faculty members of Bhagini Nivedita college . The discussion was aimed at creating an awareness among the students about the environmental impact of washing clothes using chemical detergents and how it can be minimised by adopting green laundry practices.


  • Excessive consumption of resources like water, energy and detergents lead to undesirable environmental impacts
  • There are eight different steps developed on the basis of scientific research at Lady Irwin College, which can help minimise the impact of laundry on the environment
  • Every participant was given two stickers having the list of the eight steps. These stickers can be pasted easily on the washing machines and will enable the consumers to recall and practice these tips while washing laundry in their households.


The seminar received a very positive feedback from all the participants. The participants not only patiently listened to the speaker, but also asked various questions and reported that the seminar provided information previously unknown to them. One such key point was about the washing machines that were more sustainable based on their water, energy and detergent consumption. Another area which received a lot of interest was the dosage of detergent and environmental impact of detergents. Almost all the participants reported that the information shared during the seminar was new and very interesting and they would like to share the information with their family and friends.