BNC students' participation in the Plantation Drive of Van Vibhag


Van Vibhag Plantation Drive The students of replica bell ross aviation uk Bhagini Nivedita College participated in the Plantation Drive organised by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi on September 8, 2018. This camapign was undertaken in 600 sites all over Delhi. Approximately 5 Lakh saplings were planted by eco-clubs, school and college students etc. It aims at expanding the green cover of Delhi and creating a long-lasting positive effect on the air quality in city. The saplings planted included native tree varieties like Ber, Bail, Shahtoot, Banyan, etc.

About 50 Students, Staff and Faculty Members from Bhagini Nivedita College participated in the plantation replica rolex day date watches drive held in the Van Vibhag Area of Kair village near Nazafghar, New Delhi. It was a highly successful event in which the students got an opportunity to learn about the environment conservation from a field experience