Gandhi Study Circle Competitions

On February 5, 2013, Gandhi Study Circle (GSC) of the college organised competitions to promote Gandhian values among the students. Gandhi Bhawan of University of Delhi provided guidance and financial support for the event. It was coordinated by Dr. Mamta Singla, Convener of GSC with the assistance of  GSC members Dr. Nirmala Rana, Dr. Taruna Tomar and Dr. Anuradha Tyagi. Winners, runners-up and second runners-up were given cash prizes of Rs. 1000, 750, 500 respectively with a consolation prize of Rs. 200 for all events.

In the essay writing competition on 'Samkalin janakrosh ke pariprekshye mei Ahinsa parmo dharma ki sarthakta'. 65 students took part. Dr. Poonam Rathi, Dr. Sushma Rana and Dr. Anuradha Tyagi judged the essays. Ms. Archi (Roll No. 11313), Ms. Preeti (Roll No-10302), Ms. Priyanka Yadav (Roll No 10312) and Ms. Sadhna (Roll No 11338) of BA (Hindi Hons) course won the first, second, third and consolation prizes respectively.

In the competition for preparing a poster on' Satiya Ahinsa Aur Sadbhawna'. 42 students participated. This competition was judged by Dr. Taruna Tomar,Dr. Rajesh and Ms. Anuradha Yadav. Ms. Sanju Dixit (Roll No- 10452 - BSc Year III), Ms. Neha Mishra (Roll No. 122078 - B Com Year I), Ms. Poonam (Roll No. 111410 - BA Programme Year II) and Ms. Aanchal Saxena (Roll No. 102120 - B Com Year III) respectively won the first, second, third and consolation prizes.

The topic of the debate was 'Gandhi Darshan ki Prasangikta Par Adhunik Bhartiya Samaj Mei Prashan Chihan Lag Gaya hai'. 10 teams were in competition, which was judged by Dr. Mamta Singla, Dr. Nirmala Rana and Dr. Anuradha tyagi. Ms. Nisha (Roll No. 102114 - BCom (P) Year III), Ms. Shivani (Roll No. 112041 -BCom (P) Year II) and Ms. Pummi (Roll No. 12483 - BSC Year I) respectively won the first, second and third prizes.

Principal, Dr. Purbi Saikia delivered a brief lecture on the Gandhian values after the conclusion of the competitions.