Gender Sensitisation Programme

The Gender Sensitising Committee of Bhagini Nivedita College has been actively involved in educating the students on various women related issues and also addressing the numerous problems faced by them. The committee encourages the creation of a cordial learning atmosphere for the students with a good rapport between the students and faculty members. The class representatives are now automatically included as members of the Gender Sensitising Committee.

On March 7th 2009, the Gender Sensitising Committee organised a talk by Dr. Nandita Narain from St. Stephen's College, who enlightened the students on various issues relating to women. She talked eloquently on many sensitive issues that concern women. Her lecture was quite educating for the students. Also present on the occasion were students from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. They discussed the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act and the property rights of women, especially in the context of the Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005. They also explained the procedure for lodging FIR. The law faculty students also presented a skit portraying woman's issues. The entire programme was received very enthusiastically. The interactive session at the end of the programme saw students putting up queries and exchanging views with the presenters. Overall, the students of Bhagini Nivedita College as also the faculty members were more enlightened and awakened about their rights as women as the result of this programme.