Guidelines on Library Usage

Library is a place for quite reading and learning. Students are required to abide by the following guidelines to ensure the right ambiance and learning environment inside the library. These are in addition to the general rules of discipline and other specific provisions contained in other policies of the college.

General Behaviour

  • Maintain silence inside the reading room. Speak to the library staff, when necessary in the lowest possible volume. Do not indulge in conversations or discussion with other library users

  • Switch your phone into silent mode before entering the library. Do not make or answer phone calls inside the library

  • Show respect to the library staff and all the library users. Disrespectful or abusive or intimidating or harassing behaviour involving words, gestures, actions or any other means is strictly prohibited.

  • Do not engage in any activity, which disturbs other library users or disrupts the working of library staff.

Using Library Facilities

  • Carry your valid student ID card while visiting the library and do not enter or remain in unauthorised areas of the library at any time

  • Promptly leave the library premises at closing time, during emergency evacuations or whenever requested by the library staff

  • Do not obstruct the pathways leading to the reading room, book shelves, magazine stands, workstations, or other library materials

  • Do not vandalise, deface, damage, or destroy any book, page, furniture, or equipment. Handle the books, journals and all library resources gently and with care

  • Do not take photos or make videos of library users or staff without their knowledge and consent. Do not do anything to distract the attention of the library users or staff from their work

  • Do not leave personal belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for damage or theft of personal property

  • Library is meant to be used exclusively for the purpose of your studies and shall not be used for any other activity including canvassing, vending, peddling, solicitation, etc.

Using the Learning Resources

  • Obtain the necessary authorisation before removing any book, library material, equipment, or property from the library premises

  • After finishing your work in the reading room, return the books and journals back to their proper place. Refrain from deliberately misplacing library materials to prevent or limit access by others

  • Return library materials on or before the due date or upon request by the Library. Do not hoard or hold on to any library resource and deliberately make it unavailable to others

  • Handle library materials gently and carefully, such that they are not soiled, mutilated, defaced, or damaged.

  • Respect intellectual property rights of authors and do not breach copyright laws or license restrictions as may be applicable to printed and electronic resources.