Academic Integrity Requirements

Students are required to maintain absolute academic integrity and avoid plagiarism completely.

Compliance to this policy includes, but not limited to, adherence to the following specific guidelines

Academic Integrity

  • Students shall attend classes regularly and shall not claim attendance by any unauthorised means

  • Students shall do their assignments and project work by following the guidelines and instructions given to them with respect to these and shall not engage or make use of proxies to do their work

  • Students shall take part in the class tests and university examinations personally and sincerely and shall not use illegal, fraudulent or unfair means while writing the answer scripts or for manipulating their own grades or those of others subsequently. Students shall not also be a party to any such practices adopted by any other student

  • Students shall participate in practical examinations and perform their work in accordance with the instructions provided and shall not adopt prohibited practices or misrepresent the results. Students shall not also assist any other student/s in adopting any fraudulent practices during practical examinations.

  • Students shall make use of the learning resources of the library as well as those made available by the departments or teachers fairly and shall not adopt any unfair means to preclude or restrict their availability to other students.

  • Students shall make use of the laboratory facilities and the materials required for experiments or practical work carefully and diligently so as not to cause hindrance to the work of other students or cause harm to anyone or damage the equipment or facilities.

  • Students shall participate in the class and college activities to the best of their abilities and in the true spirit of teamwork

  • Students shall not do or cause others to do anything, which adversely affects the teaching-learning environment or is against the rules and regulations of the College, the University and the Government

  • Students shall not misrepresent their academic performance in any way.

  • Students must always sign administrative and academic documents pertaining to them and shall not sign on behalf of any other or forge their signature on these.


  • Students shall not misrepresent the work of others as their own and shall not copy from books or websites except for the purpose of quoting or paraphrasing the texts legitimately by mentioning the names of author/s along with it.

  • All submissions made by students in the form of assignments, projects and presentations for the purpose of internal assessment must be their own work or that of the group concerned and should not be copied from others including websites, except in the case of scrap book preparation in which case the sources must be clearly mentioned along with the material.

  • Students shall not also copy the works of other students in any examinations or submissions