Objectives and Activities of Mathematics Society


Objectives, Roles and Functions

Activities of the EcoClub


  • To provide opportunities for the students to practice and polish their mathematical skills and analytical abilities.
  • To create a learning environment which enables the students to develop proficiency in applying mathematical concepts.
  • To help the students to understand and communicate practical mathematical applications effectively.
  • To enhance the ability of students to analyse current developments in the field of mathematics, evaluate data and construct examples.
  • To promote leadership and team spirit among the students through group activities.



Office Bearers: 2017-18


  • Around 70 students have joined the society as members
  • Office bearers

    • President: Ms. Sanrachna , B.Sc. (Physical Sc. with Computers) II year
    • Secretary: Ms. Sonia, B.Sc. (Physical Sc. with Chemistry) II year
    • Treasurer: Ms. Dipti, B.Sc. (Physical Sc. with Computers) II year
  • Faculty Coordinaors

    • Convenor: Mrs. Santosh Kaushik
    • Faculty Members: Ms. Seema Gupta, Mrs. Ruchi Gupta


Activity Report: 2017-18

During the silver jubilee year of the College (2017-18), the society organised a number of programmes aimed at promoting the interest and abilitities of the students in mathematics

Movie Screening

A screening of the movie “A journey to the center of the earth” was orgamised on October 14, 2017 in the multipurpose hall. The movie introduced the never give up spirit in interesting and adventurous ways to the viewers. It also showed how a number of scientific phenomenon at work. Though a science fiction, the movie helped in creating a greater awareness and understanding of the importance of our planet and its resources. The discussion among teachers and students at the end of the screening also helped in highlighting the important learning points from the movie and also motivated the students to commit themselves to taking care of our planet with a never give up spirit.

Poster making

A poster making competition was organised for the member students on October 17, 2017. The topic for the competition was “Indian Mathematicians”. The theme motivated the students to do research and learn more about the Indian mathematicians while preparing for the competition. Around 15 students participated in the competition and beautifully depicted the works of Indian mathematicians in colourful posters. The member teachers coordinated the event and judged the posters. They also interacted with participants for assessing how much they had learned about the Indian mathematicians during their preparation. The winners for the competition were:


  • First Position: Ms. Himani B.Sc.(Physical Sc. with Computers) III year
  • Second Position: Ms. Vanshika B.Sc.(Physical Sc. with Chemistry) II year
  • Third Position: Ms. Ashneet B.Sc.(Physical Sc. with Computers) II year
  • Consolation Prizes: Ms. Aradhana B.Sc.(Physical Sc. with Chemistry) III year and Ms. Laxmi B.Sc.(Physical Sc. with Computers) II year

Movie Screening

A screening of the movie “Nil Battey Sannata” was organised on January 10, 2018 in the multipurpose hall. The movie depicted story about how a high school girl who started with no goals in life goes on to becoming IAS officer. It also showed the importance of mathematics in education. The discussion among teachers and students at the end of the screening also helped in motivating the students to have strong goals in their lives.

Educational Visit

A trip to National Rail Museum was organised on February 2, 2018 with about 70 students participating in it along with faculty members visited the museum. The concept of time line was discussed with the students as they observed the different types of engines - steam, diesel and electric that dominated the scene during certain periods of time. The students also got the opportunity to relate the different types of signalling equipment with mathematics.