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Overview of Home Science Courses

The traditional definition of home science is the study of subjects required for one to become a good home maker – taking care of the heath and welfare of people at home. However, it has now become a more inclusive subject covering lifestyle studies and applied technologies required for good living and better quality of life – at home as well as everywhere else

It is a field of multidisciplinary studies covering different facets of human life, which remain outside the purview of the regular arts, science and commerce curricula. The five different disciplines, which form integral part of the study of home science include the following:

  • Human Development & Childhood Studies
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Fabric & Apparel Science
  • Development Communication & Extension
  • Resource Management & Design Application

 It is also an interdisciplinary studies, making use of the three main domains of knowledge - namely physical sciences, life sciences and social sciences.

Home Science courses are offered in the following formats:

B.Sc Honours in Home Science
Started as part of the FYUP Programme of the University of Delhi, which has been rolled back. This course will be phased out by the end of the current academic year and is due to replaced by a CBCS based B.Sc Honours in Home Science from the Academic Year 2016-17. The honours course covers all the five disciplines of Home Science besides a variety of regular science subjects
BA Programme: Home Science Discipline Courses
The College offers four different discipline courses under the home science stream. These include:
  • Apparel Design & Construction
  • Food Technology
  • Human Development & Family Empowerment
  • Nutrition & Health Education
These courses are being offered in the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) Mode from the Academic Year 2015-16.
Semester wise Distribution of Papers of the B.Sc. Honours Course 

(Erstwhile FYUP)

Semester V

Indian Textile Heritage
Theory + Practical
Nutrition for children and Adolescents
Theory + Practical
Physical Sciences
(Theory + Practical)
Issues and Concerns in Sociology and Psychology
Theory + Practical

Semester VI

Fashion Design and Development
Theory + Practical
Space Planning and Design
Theory + Practical
Participatory Development and Training
(Theory + Practical)
Development in Adolescence and Adulthood   
Theory + Practical
B.A.Programme Discipline Course

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Faculty Members
Dr Charru Sharma Associate Professor
Ms Anupama Agarwal Associate Professor
Ms Punita Sethi Associate Professor(Teacher Incharge)
Dr Rachna Mohan Associate Professor
Ms Parminder Sehgal Associate Professor
Dr. Akanksha Jain Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc)
Dr Suman Mohan Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc)