Activity Report: Swachh Bharat Committee


Swachh Bharat Committee 2018 The committee divided the college premises into four zones and formed a group of student volunteers for each zone under the supervision of one teacher. For each zone, one student was designated as head girl to coordinate with all volunteers in that zone. All the head girls with their 2 volunteers on duty took the round of their concerned zone everyday to monitor the cleanliness of their area. Zone wise cleaning activity was performed by teachers and student volunteers off and on and as and when required. Each zonal group was provided with a duty chart along with the contact telephone numners of breitling colt fake watches sweepers and cleaners and caretaker, so that they could be contacted in case of any complaint or any other requirement. Intensive cleaning activities were performed throughout the year by the teachers and student volunteers. New Building wing , ground, canteen, water coolers and the surrounding area of old building, playground, garden in front of Principal office, were cleaned time and again. Water Cooler in the old building wing was moped and cleaned with soap by the student volunteers. Canteen kitchen area and its walls were cleaned and washed with soap by students and member teacher.

A documentary on Sikkim, prepared and presented by the students transported the audience to the lush green and clean environs of Sikkim. It delved into a brief political history of the state and showcased Sikkim as a melting pot of various ethnic, religious and linguistic groups who not only co-exist peacefully, but also live in close harmony with nature. Apart from capturing the breath-taking beauty of Sikkim, the documentary mapped the vibrant eclectic culture, customs, cuisine, climate, art and architecture, flora and fauna, agriculture, horticulture and floriculture of Sikkim. It also offered interesting glimpses into the peaceful, virtually, crime free, gender egalitarian, completely organic, extraordinarily clean and ecologically robust state.

Letters were written to the college office with the report (containing 26 pages) showing problem areas with coloured pictures through the minutes of meeting. The committee also sent a request to the Principal for drawing the attention of the Garden & Maintenance Committee and also the Health and Hygiene Committee about the need for improvements in areas falling in their purview. The committee held a meeting with the Principal, members of Students Union, volunteers of Swachh Bharat Committee and the Caretaker for establishing the necessary coordination among the for the successful implementation of the cleanliness related activities in the college. The Committee visited the MCD office and also wrote letter requesting for regular visit of MCD van and for cleaning the street outside the college. A letter has also been written for the renovation of the Bus Stop outside the College and for maintaining the cleanliness of the area around around the Bus Stop and outside the College gate.

Cleanliness Pledge (Swachh Shapath) was taken on September 27, 2017 by all students under the supervision of member teachers and volunteers who visited every class. Volunteers ran Awareness and Signature Campaign for the staff and students under the Swachh Bharat Mission. Student Volunteers also made posters to spread awareness among students and others on the Annual Sports Meet of the college. Slogans and messages were written on posters and they were well appreciated by guests, teachers and students.

Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Inauguration: The Committee approached CSR Research Foundation by writing letters and having follow up meetings for installing a Sanitary Vending Machine in the college under its “Mission AAA” to promote gender sensitivity and ensuring modesty of women specifically and to address the issue of healthcare and hygiene at large by spreading awareness about the usage of sanitary napkin. A Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine was installed in College without any charge. A one-day workshop was also conducted on sanitation on January 9, 2018. Around 250 students participated in the workshop and they were given certificates for the same. CSR Research Foundation Chairman Mr Deen Dayal Upadhayay and social activist Dr. Naresh Kumar Aggrawal were the chief guests for the event. The event was well covered and published on January 10, 2018 in various newspapers namely Jagran, Punjab Kaesri and few others. Certificates of Appreciation were given to all the volunteers by the principal at replica audemars piguet watches a function where many volunteers spoke about what they had learnt during the whole year and what they proposed to do for the cause in future.

Twenty students students of the College have enrolled for summer internship program started by Govt. of India with Dr Rashmi Sharma as the Nodal Officer. Students will be given certificate after they complete hundred hours of work during summer vacations