Department of Computer Science

Computer is one of the most powerful engines of all round development of the world today. The importance of computers has already grown manifold in the new competitive global scenario and new horizons of its applications affecting everyone's life are continuously being explored and established

The main objective of Computer application courses is to enable students to use this modern modern technology in academics as well for expanding the scope of their job opportunities.

Courses Taught


Erstwhile Four Year Undergraduate Programme

Foundation Courses

  • Information Technology

B.A. Programme

Semester IV

  • Multimedia Application

Semester V

  • Internet Technology

Semester VI

  • Information Security

B.Sc. Physical Sciences

Semester IV

  • Operating Systems

Semester V

  • Computer Networks

Semester VI

  • DBMS


Faculty Members



Mr Vikas Chaudhary Associate Professor(Teacher in charge)
Mr Nagendra Associate Professor
Dr Nikita Yadav Assistant Professor(Adhoc)
Ms Tanu Sharma Assistant Professor(Adhoc)
Ms Urvashi Assistant Professor(Adhoc)