Sports Facilities


Sports Activities & Facilities

The college has a Sports Committee and an Assistant Professor of Physical Education, who are responsible for promoting sports, organising sports events and facilitating the participation of the students in competitions. Specific policies and strategies adopted with regard to sports and games include the following:

  • Annual Sports Day: Students and staff compete in different events and win prizes and also put up group displays of their expertise in aerobics, yoga, martial arts and fencing.
  • Morning games: Practice games and sports training is organised for all students in the morning hours before commencement of classes.
  • Relaxation in Attendance: Students participating in inter- college/university sports and ECA competitions are given attendance relaxation as per rules.
  • Sports Kits: College provides sports kits and refreshments to the participating students during competitions.
  • Inter-college Competitions: The college also provides transportation facility and bears the cost of registration in the case of students participating in inter- college competitions.
  • State/National Competitions For promoting the participation of students in various State/National level competitions, the college provides T.A., D.A., and reimbursement of Registration Fee.
  • Coaching Facilities: Special coaches are appointed from time to time to provide specialised training to the students selected for participation inter-college or national competitions
  • Sports Quota & Fee Concession: The college offers a five percent quota for admissions under the Sports/ECA category. Trials for admissions under this category are conducted during the admission period based on applications received in the prescribed format. The college also provides full fee concession to students winning medals at various levels.


Fitness Facilities

The college attaches great importance to enabling the students to improve their general fitness as it has a very positive influence on their studies as well as their performance in sports and games

Fitness facilities and equipment available in the Sports Room of the college include cycle, twister, steppers. medicine ball, skipping ropes, weighing machine, dumbbell with different weight categories, multi bench press, mirror on the full wall, mats for crunches, audio CDs ( to teach students about counting the beats, intensity, frequency, etc. in aerobics), music system, barbell rods with different weight categories.


Infrastructure & Equipment for Sports & Games

Sports/Games Equipment/Facilities
Ball Badminton (College ground) Net, kit, racquets, pole, balls.
Athletics (shot-put, discuss, javelin) (College ground) Kit, shot put, javelin, discus.
Yoga (College ground) Mats, neti pots, costume, sutra neti, dari, tripal.
Taekwondo (College ground) Complete kit with chest guard, leg guard, headgear.
Fencing (College ground) Weapons, guards, masks, kits.
Aerobics (floor) (College ground) Costumes, music system, audio CDs.
Stepper aerobics (College ground) Stepper, music system, audio CDs
Badminton (College ground) Movable poles, nets, racquets, shuttle corks.
Carom (Sports room) Carom boards, coins, striker
Chess (Sports room) Chess pieces, chess board
Skipping (College ground) Skipping ropes
Volley ball (College ground) Volley ball, net, pole.
Basket Ball (College ground) Court, balls
Tug of war (College ground) Rope
Cross Country (outside the college) Public Road