Literary & Debating Society


Literary and Debating Society


Objectives, Roles and Functions


  • To work towards developing and enhancing the speaking and communicative abilities of the students
  • To provide opportunities for students to practise and polish their skill communication skills.
  • To create a learning environment in which students develop proficiency in writing.
  • To help the students in understanding and communicating various forms of arguments effectively in different contexts.
  • To develop the ability of students for analysing current affairs, selecting and evaluating evidence and constructing arguments or refutations.
  • To stimulate student to think over various serious issues
  • To sharpen their literary and debating skills
  • To help the students in realising their untapped potential and talent
  • To help improve their level of self confidence


Annual Report (2014-2015)

Faculty Coordinator and Team Members

  1. Dr. Rashmi Sharma – (Coordinator)
  2. Dr. Shubhra Parmar
  3. Mr. Mohit (During the odd semesters)
  4. Ms. Seema (During the even semesters)
  5. Ms. Nikita (During the even semesters)

Student Office Bearers

Vartika Singh, Roll No. 136048, Pol.Sc.(Hons.), Year II
Vice President
Kiran Malik, Roll No. 136029, Pol.Sc.(Hons.) Year II
Komal Phogat, Roll No. 13562, Physics(Hons.), Year II
Executive Members
i) Vageesha, ii) Ritika, iii) Manisha, iv) Sneha, v) Deepshikha

Activities Organised

The following programmes were organised during 2014-15:

  • Debating Compeition A Debate Competition was organised on September 30, 2014 on the issue: ‘Capital Punishment is an Inhuman Practice’. The students showed their debating skills and self-confidence during the debate. The winners were:

    First Prize
    Aishwarya, Roll No. 13437, B.Sc.(Home Science), year II
    Second Prize
    Vartika Roll, No. 136048, Pol.Sc.(Hons.) year II
    Third Prize
    Priya, Roll No. 13445, B.Sc.(Home Science) year II
  • Essay Competition An Essay Competition was organised on November 11, 2014. The topic of the essay was ‘Relevance of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Students participated in it with enthusiasm and in good number. Out of sixteen participants, the following three were declared as winners.:

    First Prize
    Neha Sharma, Roll No. 144001, B.Sc.(Physical Science,) year I
    Second Prize
    Yamini Kaushik, Roll No. 13210, Hindi(Hons.), year II
    Third Prize
    Bhawana Sharma, Roll No. 12421, B.Sc.(Physical Science), year III
  • Prize Distribution Function (odd semesters) A Prize Distribution function was held on January 08, 2015. Principal was invited as chief guest. On this occasion, students spoke on poetry and literature. It was delightful to see students’ interest and enthusiasm.

  • Poetry Recitation To raise the level of awareness about written literature specifically, poetry and to increase the level of interest in poetry among the teachers and students, the society organised a 'Kavya-Path' by teachers and students on January 15, 2015 in the Multi-Purpose hall. Around 10 teachers from different Departments and streams of the college recited poetry composed by self or others. Poets like Guljar and Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Subhdra Kumari Chouhan were remembered and their famous poems were shared with the audience . Students and teachers were delighted, motivated and enriched by the beautifully composed thoughts expressed during the poetry recitation session.

  • Poetry Recitation Competition A 'Kavya-Path Competition' was held on January 20, 2015 for the students. In all 15 students took part in the competition and recited poems in front of more than 100 students in the audience. The winners were judged on the basis of the excellence in composition as well as fluency and self-confidence in way of recitation. The  programme was anchored by student member of the society

    First Prize
    Arti Balyan, Roll No. 12427, B.Sc.(Physical Science), year III
    Second Prize
    Nidhi, Roll No. 131132, B.Com.(Hons.), year II
    Third Prize
    Rajni, Roll No. 141049, B.A.(Prog.), year I
  • Debate Competition A Debate Competition with the topic: ‘Imposition of Dress Code can Protect Women’ was organised on February 19, 2015, It was a remarkable show of students’ debating skills replete with dynamism, brilliance, courage, confidence and their analytical abilities. They presented their views with spontaneity and courage. The winners were:

    First Prize
    Priya, Roll No. 13445, B.Sc. Physics(Hons.), year II
    Second Prize
    Komal Phogat, Roll No. 13562, B.Sc. Physics(Hons.), year II
    Third Prize
    Rajni, Roll No. 141049, B.A.(Prog.) year I & Vartika, Roll No. 136048, Pol.Sc.(Hons), year II
  • Enactment Competition A Competition for enactment of any particular scene from any play in Hindi or English, or a speech or a monologue from any play was organised on March 27, 2015. Only one team participated in the event. The title of the play was “Female foeticide“ presented by three girls: Nidhi, Roll No. 131132, B.Com.(Hons.), year II; Monila, Roll No. 131171,B.Com.(Hons.), year II and Kavita, Roll No. 1133037, History(Hons.) year II. It was decided that no prize will be given as only one team participated.

  • Prize Distribution Function (even semesters) A Prize Distribution ceremony was organized on April 01, 2015. The Principal was invited as chief guest to distribute the prizes and certificates to the winners of different events. She delivered a speech to all the students and congratulated the Society for enriching the students with literary and debating skills. Students also gave their views and feedback on their experiences during the two semesters of A Y 2014-2015. Dr. Rashmi Sharma concluded the events for the semester and presented the vote of thanks.